The Ideal Retirement Strategy

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Financial Advisors Columbus Ohio

Financial Advisors Columbus Ohio

Dave Watkins - WealthSmart Solutions Saving & Retirement Planning Specialist Does your savings & retirement plan include these benefits? Zero Risk to principal & future gains, Competitive annual returns, Liquidity, Tax free cash flow throughout your retirement, Tax deferred growth & tax free transfer to heirs. Most of us who are saving for retirement are doing so inside of a government Qualified plan, like a 401K, IRA, 403B, etc. The only benefit listed above that you’ll find in these qualified plans is tax deferred growth. A valuable benefit, if taxes stay the same or go down, but not as taxes increase. Constant exposure to market risk, account commissions and fees will severely erode the potential
wealth you can accumulate over a period of 35-40 years.

Just the annual fees alone of a qualified plan… say 1%, would have give away 35% of your savings over a 35 year working career. And what if you paid 2% a year or more?

Most of us don’t know how much is taken each year and don’t consider the lifetime impact.

What’s worse, when you finally get to retirement, you have a partner waiting to tax what’s left. The fallout of these Deferred Comp’ Plans has left many working Americans too broke to retire and often too frail to continue working.

The real winners are the lobbyist in Washington, fund managers, money managers and of course,
the tax man.

All are profiting at the expense of the saver who takes on 100% of the risk, pouring billions of dollars into these plans every year.

How would you feel if there is a way to eliminate the losses and the negative impact they have on your retirement account?

What if there is a way to bypass the broker fees taken from your accounts every year, regardless if you’ve enjoyed gains or suffered losses?

Is there a legal way to eliminate taxes of all kinds from your retirement savings; not just during
the accumulation phase, but also during the withdraw stage when you need your money the most?

And at the end of your life, is there a way to transfer wealth tax free to your loved ones? If it exists, when would you want to know about it?

A common reaction once discovered… if I had only known about this when I was younger. I’ve never found a perfect retirement planning solution that was suitable for all. It doesn’t exist.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

But if principle protection, competitive returns, creating a source tax free retirement cash flow and the tax free transfer to heirs is important to you - then this could be a strategy to consider for part of your retirement portfolio.

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