Success vs Failure Reaching Your Retirement Goals

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Success vs Failure Reaching Your Retirement Goals


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Dave Watkins
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It’s easier than you might think.

Let's begin by looking at the 3 failure traps

  • You can fail to save
  • A premature death or unable to work due to disability
  • Putting your retirement saving into things that can loose value

Fortunately the difference between success and failure is not hard to understand and the solution for success isn't complicated either. Let’s start with why you might fail. The first two reasons for falling short in retirement don't need much explanation.

  1. Didn’t start saving soon enough. Start saving. The sooner the better.
  2. Unexpected loss of a spouse or a work disability. Term life insurance and disability insurance address these misfortunes.
  3. Putting your retirement money into things that can lose value. Easy to understand, but a bit more challenging to solve. Primarily because the solutions are a little different from what we have been taught to do.

There are just 3 ways to lose value in a retirement account.

  1. You can put your money into things that trigger fees & commissions
  2. You can put your money into things that are taxable
  3. You can put your money into things that can go down in value

Most Americans who are saving for their retirement in Qualified Plans have voluntarily exposed their money to all three of these Wealth Killers. It's by design of the takers (Wall Street & Uncle Sam). From the day we started working, it’s what we've all been taught to do with our retirement savings.

Put up all the money, take on 100% of the risk, while Wall Street, its brokers and Uncle Sam take 2/3 or more of the account balance during your working career and retirement years.

The fallout has created retirement challenges in America, leaving the majority of hard working Americans, positioned to run out of money before the end of their life.

There are alternatives to these traditional teachings and they have been available for quite some time. But they are not talked about on Wall Street. In most cases, there’s zero monetary incentive for a broker to do so.

If you’re saving for retirement and are uncomfortable with the status quo, you may be interested in learning about a little known, unconventional strategy that will eliminate or neutralize the 3 Wealth Killers.

In their place the benefits of Safety, Tax Deferred Growth, Liquidity, Tax Free (Retirement) cash flow and Tax Free Transfer of money can be found. In addition, theses solutions can provide living insurance benefits in the event of a Chronic, Critical or Terminal illness.

The strategy is proven and an excellent solution for growing your savings, eliminating Wall Street losses and providing a lifetime of tax efficiency.

Ed Slott, a CPA and expert on IRAs, has said, “A properly funded life insurance policy is the most tax-efficient investment that can be purchased today.” 1
It’s used by individuals, families and some of the biggest corporations in America. Understanding the facts and why money leaves your retirement account is critical. Knowing your alternatives is equally important.

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1. Source: The Retirement Savings Time Bomb. Ed Slott, 2003.

Dave Watkins - Saving & Retirement Planning Specialist
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