5 Payment Retirement Plan

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My saving habits took a significant turn 20 years ago during the dot com market crash.

The losses I suffered permanently changed the way I saved for retirement.

It was an interesting discovery process…I learned about alternatives that nobody had mentioned before. Not my CPA, nor my attorney or the two brokerage firms that managed my portfolios.

These were new and exciting ideas!

Saving alternatives that finally helped me protect and grow my savings.

And one strategy in particular provided me some very unique tax advantages.

Now there’s no one perfect solution for everyone. I get that. It just doesn’t exist.

Everybody’s situation is a little bit different.

But for a few of you, what I’m about to share might peak your interest.

It certainly did for me.

Let’s pretend for a minute that you could have any benefit you wanted in a retirement investment plan. Anything at all…whatever you wanted…what would you include?

Competitive (tax deferred) growth..we’re all looking for that.

Eliminate the losses..of course.

Access my money (when I want it) without penalty, not when uncle Sam tells me I can have it.

Income…my plan has to produce income I can’t outlive.

…and let’s make the income tax free.

Living benefits in case of illness or long term care needs.

Leveraging the money of others to grow my savings.

Tax free transfer to my beneficiaries.

Can you think of anything else you’d ad?

Most folks I ask don’t have anything else to ad, but would very much like to have every one of the benefits listed above.

And why not?!

For the most part they agonize over periodic losses and how much of their retirement money will be paid to Uncle Sam.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, for many it is. You have to qualify and some won’t.

But a few of you will. Here’s a short qualifying profile:

Age: 18-65
Annual Household Income: $100,000 +
Good Health
Able to make just 5 annual contributions of $21,350 or more

This plans unique design leverages the use of a lenders money.

For every dollar you contribute, the lender puts in three.

Using leverage provides you with the opportunity to add roughly three times more money toward your retirement savings. The additional money gets you closer to what you should be saving to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, without the additional drain on your current budget.

I’ve prepared a website that provides additional detail and a calculator that allows you to estimate your potential benefits in the privacy of your home.

Access is by invitation only for qualified individuals.

If you’d like an invitation send me an email or jump on my calendar to schedule a short call.

We’ll determine if you qualify first. Then I’ll give you a quick look at the site, show you the calculator and email you the invitation.

To your retirement success

Dave Watkins - Saving & Retirement Planning Specialist

Dave Watkins - Saving & Retirement Planning Specialist
Helping America Protect and Grow Their Retirement Savings