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Dave Watkins

I've been a business owner most of my life. I enjoyed close to three decades of ownership in a multi - million dollar printing company before selling my interest. When it came to saving for my retirement, I did what most all of us have been taught to do - chase market gains at the expense of losses. My decision to follow along, like everyone else, became very expensive. I suffered major losses.

Motivated by my unwillingness to accept these losses moving forward I began my search for alternative retirement planning solutions.

I discovered that periodic losses were not necessary to enjoy competitive growth. I also discovered preferred tax advantages that were never brought to my attention before.

Passionate about what Marnie and I discovered as clients first, we founded WealthSmart Solutions to share this information with others.

Marnie Sablan

I was in the aviation industry for many years and, like Dave, I also did what everyone told me I should do when it came to saving for retirement. After several major losses in the market, I wanted to search for other options. Fortunately for us, we took control and searched for our own solutions. The three financial advisors we had weren’t able to provide what we wanted and needed… growth without risk of loss.

We hope you’ll find the information on our website helpful to you and your family.


Our mission is to help Americans grow and protect what they work so hard to save.

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