• Retirement Planning Columbus Ohio

    "We’ve been in the teaching profession our entire working career. Like most teachers, we will enjoy a pension during retirement, but it simply won’t be enough. We needed to find another solution that would compliment our pension and social security benefits.

    Dave shared the WealthSmart retirement solution which included benefits like Tax-Free lifetime income and zero risk to my contributions and all future account gains. It’s just what we needed. These retirement solutions should be main stream and learned at a young age. Sure wish I had known about this retirement saving solution much earlier."

    Alison & John G. Teachers - Alabama
  • Retirement Planning Columbus Ohio

    "I found Dave & Marnie's approach to conducting their business very refreshing. Always providing valuable information in an effort to determine if their solution was right for us. They were teachers first, looking for ways to address our needs.

    Their solution to save for retirement included guarantees like zero risk to our account balance, tax-deferred growth, tax-free lifetime income and the ability to share what's left, tax-free, with our named beneficiaries. We were totally unaware. Nobody had ever shared this kind of a saving strategy with us.

    We've learned a lot and the decisions we've made will make a big financial difference, not only for my wife and I, but for our daughter and for her future family to come"

    Norman & Vivian B. Pastor - Ohio
  • Retirement Planning Columbus Ohio

    "I’m in my early twenties and have been modestly saving in a Roth IRA. I’ve never really understood much about how my savings were being invested. I wasn’t as aware as I probably should have been about the restrictions placed on this money and the annual fees being taken from my account. I was just doing what all the others were doing.

    Dave and Marnie shared some common sense ideas about the importance of never losing money in a retirement account. They pointed out that I was voluntarily placing my retirement savings into things that could lose value due to market corrections and fees.

    Their WealthSmart retirement solution eliminated the possibility of these losses and will provide me many other significant benefits during my lifetime. I couldn’t be more pleased!"

    Christina S. Medical Assistant - Nevada
  • Retirement Planning Columbus Ohio

    "It wasn’t until after I sold my business interest that I discovered the exposure of my retirement assets to risk, fees and taxes could be avoided, while enjoying competitive annual returns. I found it interesting, to say the least, that none of the professionals ( financial advisors, accountants, attorneys ) I’d surrounded myself with during the previous 30 years had presented me with a Private Plan solution. My initial interest was directed at finding a solution to borrow from myself without reducing my retirement investment capital. I needed uninterrupted growth to provide sufficient money at retirement.

    Fortunately my efforts to find a solution led me to the ideal retirement strategy which provided me what I was looking for and a whole lot more: Zero Risk to principle and growth with competitive annual returns, liquidity, tax deferred growth, tax free income at retirement, tax free transfer of these assets to my beneficiaries and the elimination of costly fees. These indexed products have provided me a manageable, sound strategy for my retirement assets and peace of mind that didn’t exist before."

    Dave W. Business Owner - Ohio
  • Retirement Planning Columbus Ohio

    "Marnie & Dave took the time to educate me first regarding the importance of eliminating the losses in my retirement account. It was very helpful. I had no idea of the significant, long term negative impact these losses would have on my retirement lifestyle if left unchecked. The WealthSmart solution they provided has given me peace of mind, knowing that my retirement savings are no longer exposed to Wall Street market risk, the annual fees and commissions being taken from my account and to future taxes."

    Oluwatope W. Medical Record Administrator - Kentucky